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Ivory Field

Higher education is being asked to affirm or change its value from every angle—generative AI threatening the purpose of coursework, syllabi that can’t keep up with industry, difficulty implementing DEI— all against a backdrop that questions the value of a degree. As an academic and corporate consultant, I believe these forces aren’t a threat as much as they are an invitation to evolve how institutions see and present their value to students and broader society.

Ivory Field helps academic institutions create better learning and growth outcomes for students by empowering faculty with the right pedagogical tools.

Select Services 

Tools built to address department collaboration and efficiency, creating and effectively grading assignments in the age of AI, student toolkits for critical thinking, and modernizing syllabi to keep up with industry trends.

Department Collaboration

Consensus Building Ways of Working (CBWOW) is a strategy and ideation workshop for faculty alignment


Industry Meets Academia contemporary course updates +
real-world case studies  

Gen AI

LLMs and Open AI aren't things we have to fear or avoid; discover tools that enable faculty to both critique and use AI   

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