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Ava Sirrah teaches at NYU Stern, where she enjoys crafting syllabi that encourage students to think critically by highlighting both the possibilities and limitations of technology like generative AI. Her full-time role is at Boston Consulting Group, where she is a senior global manager who helps companies address their AI and climate goals. Prior to working at BCG, she completed a Ph.D. at Columbia Journalism School. Her dissertation—Invisible Ads: How Marketers Shape Our Information Economy—will be published as a book by MIT Press next year. Previously, Ava has spent years working as a strategist for The New York Times and at BBDO.

These experiences have made her passionate about crafting syllabi that address contemporary challenges in corporate America as well as embrace the applications and limitations of technology. 

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Columbia University 

Wrote dissertation on how advertisers shape our information environment across digital platforms.  

Committee: Michael Schudson (Chair), Andie Tucher, Rodney Benson, Victor Pickard


Senior Manager at BCG

Led $3M integrated product marketing campaign for AI powered carbon measurement tool (CO2 AI). Create and launch bespoke global partnerships with organizations like the UN and other nonprofits.


NYU Stern 

Currently teaching critical thinking in: 

  • Commerce and Culture

  • Business & Society


The New York Times

Managed creation and delivery of native ads in collaboration with editors to bring to life brand stories on The New York Times website

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